Finding Your Inner Spark

Have you ever felt a sense of boredom with life? In spite of having all the luxuries, have you felt that something is missing? Is there a phase in your life when success or abundance is not giving you a kick?

If this is happening to you then it should not be ignored? It is a signal by Universe to make you understand your true worth..As Wayne dyer says

“we are a spiritual being experiencing a human life”.

In fact, we are souls given an opportunity by the Universe on this planet Earth, to learn. I should clarify here only that learning means Evolving and Expanding.







With this agreement of trying to evolve, we came here, but soon we forgot it and started doing things either for our security, or to get momentary satisfaction by pleasing our senses.

But there is a very high price we pay for it, which is continuous feeling of anxiety, stress and depression. We often find that life has gone meaningless, no matter how big an event of goodness comes.

So , What can be done for it. Since the root cause pertains to the soul, so working on environment, body or even mind will not be enough.

If the soul is thirsty, the only way to relax is to quench the thirst. Now since we are here to expand , so we must be fully committed 1st to use 100% of your abilities and talents. So for that you have to stretch your limits and break the comfort zone.

Some of us may need to change WHAT they do, so that their maximum inner resources are mobilized. But for most of us the element demanding change it is not WHAT we do, but HOW we do..

We require to put the very best to harvest maximum out of our time and as we do better externally, we start transforming and evolving at the level of soul also.

Remember the famous saying “It is not what you do, but what you become, that brings satisfaction”. That means we must carefully choose only those stuffs which challenges us and end up changing us.

How to practically apply it-

· Read Something good daily

· Plan your day ahead

· Set a deadline for your goal

· Do one thing at a time

· Take challenging tasks

· Have an attitude of winner

Wishing you the best of success and happiness. I will love to listen from you.

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