7 Steps to get UNSTOPPABLE confidence

If You have no confidence in self ,You are twice defeated in the race of life..

Marcus Garvey

Confidence is the basic ingredient for achieving everything in life. There is a famous saying that success is 99% Confidence and 1% competence. 


A shooter can’t shoot without confidence, no matter how hard has he practiced. The same is situation for excelling in business or studies. So If you want to take life to the next level ,You must be loaded with confidence.


Many peoples, in spite of having huge talents and abilities settle for a mediocre life only because they don’t have confidence to face the uncertainty.

Now question is, how to gain an unstoppable confidence? & is confidence decided by fate? Confidence is not at all a game of fate. It’s a result of our thinking process and the way we interpret the situations. So, confidence is not a blessing but a skill anyone can master. I am giving here some very effective tips on mastering confidence.

1. Come out of comfort zone and face your fear; Lot many people accept defeat without even going to battle field. In this way , they become a loser and remember confidence is an ornament of a winner and never a loser. So find what scares you , feel the fear and move ahead anyway.

Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.- Theodore Roosevelt

2.Live you own dreams and not other’s; Remember your life is very precious, if you won’t pursue your dream , probably you will live someone else dreams. A simple decision to commit for the dream will connect you to superb confidence because you are here to be yourself and copy others or please others.


3. Work on your personality; Dr. Joe Dispenza says personality decides your personal reality, so work on it. Dress nicely, not very costly but of a standard. Exercise regularly to stay in shape. keep a nice hairstyle. If you look good ,your chance of attracting good compliment are high. The research says whenever someone compliments you, there is a release of dopamine which makes you feel good, this in turn strengthens confidence.


4. Practice thinking positive; Thoughts are the packets of energy which goes to universe. The experiences one encounter is dependent on thoughts one thinks most of the time. But the habitual thinking pattern of man in negative. So you must catch yourself thinking negative by observing your mind and immediately replace it by some better thoughts. For example, if your bike is stolen stop the stream of negative thoughts and say it’s ok the bike is lost , God has still given me a lot. Keep it in mind that positivity should not only be restricted to the mind but should also flow in actions.


5.Work hard on the task;


One important key to success is self-confidence. A key to self-confidence is preparation. – Arthur Ashe

Whatever challenge or task your are given, try to gather maximum information regarding it, practice again and again for it. So that you are giving your best shot. When you are well prepared , mind changes its neurochemistry and sends signal of confidence and courage to the body. Make every task a question of life and death and think this is my last opportunity.


6. Polish your skills; remember you can only add value when you, yourself are valuable. So start to become more skilled. Read some more books on your field , get a new training done practice your skills as much as possible. give your blood and sweat to your skills. Often ask ‘how can I be the best in my field’. Remember if you are skilled enough, you need not search peoples but they will search you.


7. Shift focus from problems to solutions; There is a famous saying ‘You cannot solve the problem from the same mind which created the problem. So take a break , go for deep breathing or meditation and start looking the problem from different angles. Extend all the possibilities and be patient. Somehow universe will respond and solve it.

Practice the skills taught and you will be a different human being forever. Love and Light

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