Control Your Mind, Else it Will Control You

Welcome back, Buddha said, We do most of the actions, we don’t want to do, and don’t do those actions that we really want to do..

It means just knowing what is right is not enough; So what is the missing link. It is our mind which is controlling us, and we are the slave. Who doesn’t know the benefits taking healthy diet ,doing exercise and practicing good habits, but how many people actually practice it? We are unwillingly taking harmful diets or waste our time in useless activities,  and that’s why so much of diseases, miseries and selfish games are increasing day by day. Our mind is throwing us in automatic response, and we are helpless.

We really need to think of it, because if this pattern continues we will keep on wasting our talents, time and opportunities. Mind will keep on victimizing us without allowing us to take any goal oriented action. This is the most common pattern of living. Today world doesn’t lack talents, skills or abilities but an ability to take great actions.

            So how to overcome? Now an important fact, “between you and your mind there cannot be a relationship of friendship”. It is, either You are a master and the mind is slave, or the other way round. So in order to change your life you must take control of your mind. Here is how

·         Meditation- This is an excellent tool. It helps you become aware of the needless activities going on in your mind and also to stop them. This can help you to stop the useless chatter of mind. So , this helps in mastery of mind quickly

·         Take pause and go to nature– When you spend time in nature mind starts losing it’s negativity , consequently good vibration comes to mind.

·         Think positive– Catch yourself whenever you find mind slipping in negative self-Talk, smile at the trick of your mind and create one positive thought.

·         Read motivational and spiritual books- This is really transforming because you are getting the wisdom of world in spite of your locality and conditioning.

·         Resolve past issues of anxiety, fear, grief and anticipated revenge- When these pattern are hidden in subconscious, then they keep on generating stress and thus one loses control over mind. you must have experienced the helplessness to think in stress and anxiety. In this regard Hypnotherapy is very effective.

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